Seal your Concrete and Enjoy it for a Long, Long Time

It is common to see homes having many concrete for reasons of durability. While most of concrete areas last longer, they are not exempted from cracks, stains and deterioration overtime. In order to enjoy more lasting and beautiful concrete, having it maintained is the best solutions. Sealing the concrete areas is part of this timely maintenance and it has to be done either through DIY or have a professional concrete sealer and oftentimes the choice is dictated by concrete sealer price and materials used.

Damaged unsealed concrete

There are several factors that can damage unsealed concrete. One is aggregate expansion which happens when the joints providing space between concrete slabs expanded. These spaces serve as buffer for expansion or contraction depending on the weather. During winter people add salt to the snow in melting it and once the snow melts there is the possibility of water penetrating the cracks and stay there. When the water freeze, it will move the concrete and caused cracks. Another factor is weather disintegration where changes in temperature make the concrete to be brittle. A charcoal concrete has high thermal conductivity which can withstand changes in temperature. Charcoal concrete sealer has the ability to increase the porosity and the strength of the concrete surface. Charcoal concrete also minimizes calcium carbonation as result of chemical reactions called carbonation with the carbon dioxide in the air and the calcium in the concrete. Delamination on the other hand is another factor that damage the concrete. A professional stone sealer will always advise against direct exposure to the sunlight of the concrete area as continuous direct sunlight can cause blisters or bubbles on the concrete surface.

Sealing the concrete

Sealing the concrete has many benefits, and casting away concrete sealer price is one, hence the best way of protecting any concrete area. Sealing helps in repelling moisture that caused molds built-ups. It also helps in maintaining the original color of the concrete for the longest time as sealing deters concrete color from fading. It also for preventing cracks, for resisting stains and most of all allowing the concrete to last longer.

If you want to enjoy your concrete area for the longest time, don’t let concrete sealer price deter you from having it done by a professional.  It is more of a waste when you skip sealing your concrete and professionally sealed concrete will definitely let you enjoy a beautiful and sturdy concrete area for a long, long time.

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